Why hire a transporter rather than having a car delivered ?

Cost - a properly insured car delivery company will usually charge around £1 to £1.50 per mile so a 250 mile journey will cost you around £310. Using one of our transporters that same journey would cost you around £150

Security - There have been instances where a carrier hired through an online website has simply disappeared with high value cars. (So much easier than stealing from a car park as they will typically have the keys and usually the vehicle V5.

Convenience - yes doing it yourself involves spending sometime driving to and fro. However, this is at a time of your choosing. Very frequently we have customers who have booked a carrier to move a car only for the move to be postponed by the carrier until the car owner despairs and decides to do it themselves. Often the delay results in the let down customer incurring additional storage costs at port or auction. In many instances the seller has cancelled the sale and sold to someone else.

If you buy a car without seeing it, who knows what sort of metallic doggy do of a car will be delivered. Should that happen, you then have the problem and cost of returning it to the seller, then hope you get all your original purchase money back! See below how you can use our transporter to thoroughly inspect the car BEFORE buying.

IS IT A STOLEN CAR? - Part of inspecting a car before buying is to check that the paperwork and the chassis (VIN) numbers match up. Pay a carrier to go and pick the car up and you are engaging a dumb, blinkered beast whose job is to go to point B meet someone take the car and bring it to point A where you are. It maybe that you have done an Experian/HPI check on the Vin number emailed to you by the seller BUT it is not the car transportation guys job to lift the bonnet or look at the windscreen and check that the numbers match the numbers emailed to you or to query why the chassis/vin plate look a bit odd. Ebay has proven to be a great route through which stolen cars can be sold to unsuspecting buyers. Oh, you might ask what about the address where the car is picked up from by the transportation company? The usual trick is to tell the carrier to call when 15 minutes away and the "seller" meets the carrier in the car par of blocks of flats or side of the road.

HERE IS A TIP: Go and pick the car up yourself and turn up unannounced at the address given you then have the chance to verify the seller actually lives at the address.

  • You will certainly take very much better car of your newly bought car than many allegedly professional car carriers.
  • When you engage a carrier, if you have bought a car unseen, you may well find that what is delivered is something quite different to the advert. Hire one of our transporters in one swoop you can go and view the car. One essential when buying a car is to take a look under the car where lurking rust or signs of damage maybe visible. But getting underneath can be a problem. With one of our transporters the problem is solved: drive the car onto the ramps and you can have a good look to see if any horrors lurk below. Should it turn out to be a "dog" you can jump into the transporter and drive away. We have had many clients do this. If the car is delivered and you THEN wish to reject it you will have to pay a the car transporter guy to take it back then start chasing your money.
We Guarantee

That once you have confirmed your car transporter hire booking we will NEVER cancel simply to make way for a longer, more lucrative booking. Cancellation only ever happens in the event of circumstances beyond our control i.e. mechanical breakdown, crash or theft.